Top Five Publishing Firms in Nigeria

[January – March 2020]

By BookRepublicNG

Nigeria’s Foremost Publishing Industry Magazine

The world is presently witnessing a pandemic that has greatly affected every economy of the globe. As we write this report, several countries in Europe, Asia, America and Africa are on lock down, and tens of thousands of people are critically ill in hospitals. Our thoughts at BookRepublic are with affected families and it is our greatest wish that humanity will eventually, in no time, overcome this crisis.

As we mourn the loss of individuals to this COVID-19 pandemic, it is our right to also celebrate individuals and groups making the world a better place to live in. We celebrate all frontline workers in the fight against this pandemic, our selfless Nurses and Doctors all kitted up in their PPE and ever willing to pay the supreme price for the good of us all. We celebrate our political leaders, the ones making tough decisions and taking the salary cuts so as to be able to put food on the tables of the poor and needy as the times demand it. We celebrate our security men, manning our silent streets and porous borders, ensuring that we all are safe in our homes.

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