Busayo Fakunle Talks Writing Children’s Literature in Nigeria

Busayo Fakunle is a Phonics consultant, poet, author of six children’s literary texts. He studied English and literary studies at the University of Ado-ekiti, elected as the president of NASELS. He had his Master’s degree in the English language at the prestigious University of Ibadan.. Some of his works have appeared in both national and international anthologies of high reputation. One of his books had made Oyo state Ministry of Education’s list of literary texts. He is a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) Oyo state chapter and winner of The Poetry Court contest to celebrate Prof. Wole Soyinka’s birthday at 81. In this interview with Ololade Faniyi of BookRepublic, Busayo talks about why he loves writing for children and his influences.

BookRepublic: What motivated a career in writing children’s literature?

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