With Love From Kano

Book Cover: With Love From Kano

Amidst religious differences, family backgrounds, ethnicity; Fareed, a young northern muslim boy, still proves that we’re human first before anything. Notwithstanding the continuous humiliation young Fareed receives from his peers, he continues to be compassionate. Young Fareed brings two quarreling families together by insisting that his father donate blood to his religious enemy.
From Kano With Love stresses peace and love as major ingredients for national unity and development.


The day was hot and sunny. Throats were parched and temper, short. The man trudged helplessly to the door. He hesitated for a while, undecided whether to knock at the door or not. He thought better of it and walked away. He had merely taken a step before the urge for water to assuage his thirst took the better of him. He returned back to the door and quickly gave a rap at it before he changed his mind again. The door opened and a young man emerged, looking questioningly at the man. “Please, I need drinking water.” The man pleaded. The young man indicated to him to sit on the threshold while he went back in, emerging moments later with a big jug of water and a glass cup.

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