Book Cover: Urushi

Glancing around nervously, he saw somber looking portraits of the old couple hanging on the wall and staring at him behind layers of dust and cobweb...cold hesitant light streaming into the living room through slightly opened windows made this possible...with heart pounding against the wall of his chest, he began to walk towards the door...At the door, he called out "M-a-m-a" a number of times... SILENCE...he reached for the handle and the door bulged at one touch. He opened it up to half its arc and peak inside the room...then, in a flash, someone brushed pass him. His heart skipped as he stole a nervous glance around behind his back and inside the untidy and clustered room...NOTHING...there was NO ONE... He began to shiver as if ice had replaced his spine...as he made to run he heard a voice behind him; that same familiar yet cracking voice...


'From Urushi, one of the short stories in this collection that x-rays divergent issues that bothers of aging and death, fear, dreams, child abuse, rape and teenage pregnancy and so on...

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