The Secrets of Free Education

Book Cover: The Secrets of Free Education


Stephen has revealed lots of detailed information in this book. The details in the book will enable and empower prospective students towards achieving their educational desires abroad. -

Raimi-Lawal Adekunle, Student of Administrative Science; major in Public Management at University of Vaasa, Vaasa, Finland.


One of the first things to consider when you are planning to study abroad is the mode of self identification. Identification can be done in several ways either via National Identity Card, National Driver’s License or International Passport.

The most acceptable, in fact, the only acceptable way to prove your identity is with your International Passport. This is especially so when you attempt to utilize the identification internationally. Moreso, international passport is also the only acceptable identification requirement when traveling outside one’s country.
The procurement process of International passport is country based and each country tends to have different set of requirements for the issuance of their international passport. The latter is obtainable nationally from the National Immigration offices of your country or at the embassy of your country if you reside abroad.

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