The Normal Christian Life

Book Cover: The Normal Christian Life

Watchman Nee's great Christian classic tracing the steps along the pathway of faith and presenting the eternal purpose of God in simple terms. Its central theme: "Christ our Life.


We shall take now as a starting-point for our study of the normal Christian life that
great exposition of it which we find in the first eight chapters of the Epistle to the
Romans, and we shall approach our subject from a practical and experimental point of
view. It will be helpful first of all to point out a natural division of this section of Romans
into two, and to note certain striking differences in the subject-matter of its two parts.
The first eight chapters of Romans form a self-contained unit. The four-and-a-half
chapters from 1:1 to 5:11 form the first half of this unit and the three-and-a-half chapters
from 5:12 to 8:39 the second half. A careful reading will show us that the subject-matter
of the two halves is not the same. For example, in the argument of the first section we
find the plural word `sins' given prominence.


In the second section, however, this
changed, for while the word `sins' hardly occurs once, the singular word `sin' is used
again and again and is the subject mainly dealt with. Why is this?

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