The Nigerian Boy

Book Cover: The Nigerian Boy

Young Chike makes a decision to discontinue from the seminary after the scandals of homosexuality and pseudo-atheism prevalent in the system discourage him. Out of the seminary, the ethnic bigotry, religious intolerance, political mischief and deep rooted decadence in the Nigerian society, make him wonder once again whether he has made the right decision leaving the seminary.


Time flies indeed. My name is Chikezie Ahamaefula, although a lot of folks prefer to shorten the name to Chike when addressing me. I am seventeen years old. I am a Nigerian. And this is my story thus far.
Like a yolk in an egg shell; like a moth in a cocoon, I was shielded from the gale of the world for a supposed nine memorable months, and it followed still in the subsequent nurturing years.
When I was a child, I thought life was just my world. I would wake up in the morning and yawn wildly, requesting for breakfast which would quickly be at my disposal. When I lashed out at the world or complained with my only weapon – cries – Mother’s melodious tone made me purr in contentment. I would have her or my older relations from her place that were around, bath me and cream my body with a nice scented jelly: I would smell nice and appear lovely. And I would put up a radiating smile as I went out to meet my friends who were my playmates.


Everyone loved me, and everyone wanted to bless my chubby red cheeks with kisses.

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