The Memoir of a White Witch

Book Cover: The Memoir of a White Witch

Although the book ‘The Memoir of a White Witch’,  contains some elements of fiction intended to make the it an interesting read and pit the story in perspective, it is originally based on real events, and it x-rays the issue of the extreme abuse of youngsters between the ages of 1 to 16 who are accused of witchcraft in some Southern Nigerian States.

The phrase “child witches” aptly describes the experiences of these kids who are victims of the worst form of violence.  And they are represented by the likes of Israel, a 13-year-old slender boy with dark eyes, who went through a terrible ordeal at the hands of his cousins who tried to bury him alive “because of his witchcraft”


September 2008


A number of reasons stirred the decision to embark on a short journey to Eket. Chief among these was my bad financial situation. Then boredom. The desire to see another town. Finally, the longing to see an old friend.


That said, the same cannot be said of my journey to Igarra, an act that was compulsory. As a fresh graduate waiting to be mobilized for the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC programme for almost a year, I was thoroughly fed up with just lying about the house and doing nothing in particular.



I had just been mobilized for the programme and was due to resume to camp in a few days’ time. Notwithstanding, I still decided to make the long visit to Eket anyway, even if it meant staying for just a few days. I knew with certainty that the trip would see my wallet lined with a few naira notes. Mr Thomas had invited on several occasions and I had failed to honour his invitations, I am sure he would render me some financial support if I honoured this one. A little financial upgrade for a broke fresh graduate like me would be very helpful in aiding me to acclimatize, at least financially, with life in the NYSC camp when I finally reported to Edo State. Given the reality of my financial dearth, which was a huge problem for me, given that Mr Thomas’ had been very generous to me often times, I decided this trip was absolutely necessary.

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