Ocean of Dreams

Book Cover: Ocean of Dreams

In your hand is an ocean of dreams with distinctive imagery, alluring metaphor and certain locution all flowing in the direction of life in proportion to aspiration, hope, chimera and wild conceit. The authors have rained words even their peers could not aspirate. Dive into this ocean for it is visionary!

Blessing Omeiza Ojo

Author of Cry of an Orphan




Requesting school students aged twelve to sixteen to stitch together their poems into an anthology on a definite theme is no easy feat. But Jewel Model Schools, Nigeria, has enthusiastically risen to the challenge and achieved a model collection of poems in response to the 2019 International Poetry Competition, Castello Di Duino, themed ‘I Have a Dream’.

With astounding zest and zeal, the students have handled figures of speech, whether it be alliterations, hyperbole, irony, or even extended metaphors, thus proving they master the art of complex logic and fine poetic craftsmanship.

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