Maybe Tomorrow

Book Cover: Maybe Tomorrow

Winner, ANA Drama Prize, 2014, Maybe Tomorrow is a drama that conveys the searing anger of a new generation in Nigeria. Soji Cole is a member of the faculty of arts of the University of Ibadan.


Darkness: A Police interrogation room where the suspect is to be cross-examined. Dim light gradually comes on stage, creating a tense feeling of abject solitude. At centre stage of the room are a table and a chair; empty. Also centre stage, a little to the left is a lone chair; also empty. On the walls are various posters with mantras peculiar to the Nigeria police: “Help police fight crime”, “Police is your friend”, “Bail is free”, etc. Presently, a suspect is brought in by two policemen. He is pulled to the seat by the left. Light comes fully on stage. The interrogator walks in with face beaming with expressionless humility.

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