Lettars From an Imbecile

Book Cover: Lettars From an Imbecile

A powerful, tender story about the great influence parental love could have on a child's mental and spiritual growth, Lettars From An Imbecile, tells the coming of age tale of Atarhe, a Nigerian child of Urhobo descent, who lives with the fear of rejection and failure. Atarhe, 10, wants to gain applaud of her Father, who believes nothing good could come out of an imbecile. She is further intimidated by her younger sister's academic success. At school, she is also a failure and counted as NFA – No Future Ambition. She seeks comfort in the letters which she writes to herself.Hope, like a shining sun after a heavy rain, would come for Atarhe when the new aunty was brought in to teach her class.


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