Journey Over Streams

Book Cover: Journey Over Streams

A young Nigerian lady disappointed with what she thought was a dream job goes on a lengthy journey of self discovery, adventure, love and sacrifice for a soul mate that will never come.


Anu picked up the magazine that was on her table. She flipped through the pages, hardly noticing the contents or the quality of the glossy magazine. Her mind was not in what she was doing, it was elsewhere. This was one of the few moments Anu had to herself at work. Break time was something she always looked forward to. Although it wasn’t a fixed time, she made sure that she took a few minutes off each day to eat, rest, and sometimes reflect. She couldn’t believe that she would be among the people who would say TGIF, Thank God it’s Friday. Anu looked around her. Her table was relatively neat. She had worked on a few files and had placed those ones in the out-tray. That notwithstanding, there were still a number of files awaiting her attention in the in-tray.

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