How To Turn Your Ability Into Cash

Book Cover: How To Turn Your Ability Into Cash

How To Turn Your Ability Into Cash contains step-by-step instructions for controlling negative thoughts, getting the most out of your abilities and achieving your dreams. Written by master salesman and successful author, Earl Prevette, in How To Turn Your Ability Into Cash you will learn: The law of wealth and why when applied it never fails to produce an abundance of worldly goods, How to achieve the success of your dreams in just 8 simple steps, Why you should compare your ability to an iceberg, How to accomplish any goal, such as writing a book, using just 15 minutes of your day, 7 ways to develop your ability, How to increase your power to think and to build, How to control your negative thoughts, How to replace "wrong" thoughts with right ones, Aids to help you remember, How to use the laws of observation, concentration, memory, reason and action to maximize your abilities, 7 ways to generate enthusiasm, And much more.


One day not long ago, while standing on the corner of a busy street in Philadelphia, talking to a friend, along came an old man. He was a decrepit old man with swollen, tearful eyes, and his unshaven face was drawn and withered. His lips were blue with unclean sores. His toes were pushing through his worn- out shoes. His clothes were torn to rags. He had seen better days. I thought, how dreadfully poverty has gnawed at you. I was stunned for the moment. With a look of sadness, and with a dirty bloated hand thrust forward, he pleaded for a few pennies. He got a few more pennies; I got a little more sense.
As I pondered over the circumstances which had caused the deplorable condition of this man, and had left him a wreck in its ruins, I began to think: It might have been you!

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