Lines From The Fount

Book Cover: Lines From The Fount


Every word in this anthology is designed to aptly affect reason in wholesome ways. Undoubtedly, Lines from the Fount is a treasure trove for the next generation of thinkers and builders. Gratifying as it is edifying, it is by masterstrokes like this that UI validates her status as a world-class institution.

Prof. Idowu Olayinka, FAS, Vice Chancellor, University of Ibadan


Good day viewers, before you today stand Team Bellatores, here to present a speech titled "The Travails of Our Motherland."

She is the fifth most populous country of the world. Her blossom flows with milk and honey. She is blessed with over 250 ethnic groups, graced with mind-blowing cultures. Great were the sons that lived in her household. Then, she was called the Giant of Africa.

On the first day of October, 1960, on the day shining radiantly with the brightness of our hope and the radiance of our future. That day, the Union Jack was lowered and the Green-White-Green flag of a new nation, Nigeria, was elevated. Once, she was a nation that fed the world, from the groundnut pyramids of the far north, to the giant cocoa plantation of the near south. Our temples of justice were filled with incorruptible judges and her law makers were true legislators, not arrant law breakers!

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