Aderemi The Village Belle

Book Cover: Aderemi The Village Belle

Aderemi is the most beautiful girl in the village of Akere and all the young men have asked for her hand in marriage. She is unable to accept the better nuptial necklace because of the selfish intentions of Onaola, her step mother. Mocked by both the young and old for her supposed arrogance, Aderemi is then forced to make hard decisions. Aderemi The Village Belle teaches life lessons every child must learn in this new age.


Aderemi was a beauty to behold. Her big, blue eyes shone like crystal balls of glass and her beautiful smiles delighted every man‟s heart. All the young men in the village of Akere wished Aderemi was theirs and they often found themselves debating about her.
“Who does not wish to behold such beauty every morning?” One of them would say.
“I like the gap between her white set of teeth,” said another.
“Her smiles always gladden my soul,” another of the young men would also confess.
So, the men came in their hundreds; short, tall, black and fair.

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