Nigerian Book Lovers Voice Their Opinion On The Advent Of E-books In The Book Publishing Industry.


by Omobola Alice


Ever since the emergence of the electronic book format known as e-book, thousands of book readers now have access to books on a single device even without paying a dime to get these e-wonders at times. To some book readers, they now prefer e-books to printed books because of its portability and convenience. One of the many reasons mentioned is that they don’t have to carry an e-book around like printed books. All they need to do is to turn on their electronic gadget and start reading whatever books they want to read in their library.

Again, some book readers prefer e-book because they do not have to go to a bookstore anymore in search of books to buy from one shelf or the other. They can get all the books they want through an online app such as AMAZON KINDLE OR IBOOKS.

In a Vox Pop anchored by BookRepublic, book lovers stated the reasons why they prefer e-books to printed books, while some others are still in love with the traditional method of reading printed books.

Safari Oyindamola, a Law Student from Crescent University, Abeokuta, opined that she prefers, ‘E-books because it is easily accessible. One can download it online, it can be forwarded via phone, email, text messages, etc. It is easy to read and it is better than carrying heaps of books. Most importantly, it saves money instead of buying the printed books”.

Another book lover, Mr Ola stated that he likes the idea of e-books because it is easier to carry about, it also saves money that would have been used to purchase a printed one. He further stated that e-books can be deleted easily once you are done with reading unlike printed books that take up space on the shelf. Moreover, you can always read it at night without worrying about light to use in reading.

While Mr Oluwabukunmi, in his own view pointed out that he still prefers printed books to e-books because, “I will have unrestricted access to printed books than e-books. This is because there may be power failure which is very important to reading e-books. Seeing books propels me to read than using a phone or other gadgets to read. Reading printed books reduces distractions unlike reading e-books because sometimes you will have mails to reply to, you will be disturbed by people’s messages on social media etc.’

In a brief chat with Ayomide Esther, she stated that she prefers e-books to printed books in a thousand ways because it is just too easy for her when it comes to reading. “I like reading a lot especially romance genre which is always difficult for me to get the printed ones that I wish. But since the introduction of e-books, I have my choices met all over the world, I browse out the ones I want and download them without moving from one bookstore to the other”. She said that the big difference between e-books and printed books is price. Sometimes, a printed book can cost a thousand naira while online versions are maybe half of the price. Accesses to online books are far way cheaper than printed books.


In Chioma’s opinion, she said that “I always read on my phone and as I speak to you now, I have close to 60 e-books on my phone. I enjoy reading on my phone with my earpiece plugged to my ears. Moreover, it is much easy for me to search for books on the net rather than moving from one place to the other in search of books which I can easily buy online”. In short, e-books are the best for me.

On the other hand, Mr. George replied that, “printed books or e-books really boil down to personal choices”. I personally like printed books because once it is printed and distributed, people get the chance to get it and read what was inside unlike e-books which everyone does not have access to because some people do not know anything about website talk less of browsing.

However, after listening to the views of the book lovers above there are people who still believe that printed books are obsolete while some believe that it is still the best way of reading. There are so many differences between e-books and printed books when it comes to choices.  But, which ever ways, printed or e-books should be based on personal preference of an individual. Many book readers today go for e-books because they believe that it is not expensive and easy to go about. While the fans of the printed book believe that it helps to concentrate on the book and the content in it instead of the distractions that may come with reading an e-book.

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