Omojojolo Set To Release Leonard Ugwu’s New Anthology

Omojojolo books, the publishing imprint of Emotion Press, set up in 2011 to unveil emerging Nigerian authors will release a new anthology of poems authored by Leonard Ugwu.

Divided into three seasons; the Dry, Rainy, and Harmattan seasons, Echoes of Bullets through the eyes of the poet ruminates on the causes of war and the casualties of war itself. He also questions the lingering issues such as bad leadership, unemployment, insecurity, unbalanced national allocation of resources, and tribal sentiments.

Leonard, who is emerging from a four-year hiatus, after the publication of his first anthology of poems, Echoes of the Invisible, is strongly bent on shaking up the literary circle with this fresh air. This very important poetry collection has been endorsed by highly revered literary journalists and writers. The e-book and paperback versions of Echoes of Bullets will be available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle and Tabili Africa on Christmas day.

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