Deborah Adeojo On Writing Self-help books for Young people and The Benefits of Self-publishing

Deborah Adeojo is a writer and content creator with a keen interest in personal development and girls/women issues. She is the founder and executive director of ALLY Afrik Initiative; a registered NGO committed to advancing women’s leadership. Deborah has an M.A in Communications and Language Arts, and she’s currently enrolled for her PhD in Gender Studies. She is involved in research, advocacy, program design and implementation in the development sector. Deborah is the author of Twenty-Six and Sober (A Signature Cocktail of Life Lessons), Grow (a 21-day Personal Development Journal for a lady like you) and Farabale (A Guide to Defying Chaos and Rediscovering Authentic Living). She is the host of Life Conversations with Deborah podcast and the co-host of Politics of Development Podcast with Seyi Adisa.

BookRepublic: Your book, Farabale, was published recently. To begin with, could you tell those who don’t know a little about the book?

Deborah: I have a deep sense of connection to this particular project as it is a product of my reflection on one of the most emotionally challenging seasons of my life. Farabale is a tested blueprint on defying chaos and rediscovering authentic living. I had gone through a period where I struggled with anxiety and overwhelm as a result of external pressures, uncertainties and disappointing situations. Luckily for me, I escaped the claws of clinical depression through a reawakening of my faith, intentional knowledge consumption and meditation, relationship detoxification as well as the healthy social connections. In this book, I share principles, strategies and personal wisdom that helped me navigate that tempestuous season and would help anyone live authentically from inside out without fear or trepidation. The title, Farabale, is a popular Yoruba expression that loosely translates, “calm down”. In a world that is fast-paced, we all need to know when and how to push the brakes, calm down, customise our lives and move at our own unique pace.

BookRepublic: What inspired your writing debut?

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