Ato Quayson Launches Vlog for Book Lovers Worldwide

by Lolade Faniyi

Critic.Reading.Writing is an enlightening show on YouTube which presents reflections on humanities and drives meaningful conversations on books and films. The show which also engages comparative analysis of classical texts and other traditions of writing, with particular focus on Literature, Cities and Fashion is being hosted by the renowned English Professor, Ato Quayson, a comparatist at heart.

In a recent episode, Prof Quayson discusses themes in Greek tragedy in a 23 minutes, 34 seconds clip where he highlights the dominant themes of determinism and free will; disputatiousness; tragic emotions; and philosophical and moral conundrums. With the theme of determinism and free will, he connects this to the ambiguity of prophecy and self-contradictory meanings which either come to pass without conscious efforts of the protagonist or against their best wishes. He likened this to Aeschylus’s Agamemnon in which Agamemnon sacrifices his daughter under the command of the goddess, Artemis, to protect his army, without realising that by killing his daughter he was also activating a curse against the House of Atreus. Click here to watch the episode. 

Critic.Reading.Writing is an engaging show that critical thinkers and book lovers are sure to love. New episodes are posted every Friday. To catch all updates, subscribe to the channel on YouTube and follow Prof Quayson on Instagram where his one-minute think-tile summarise and open up further discussions on each episode.

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