A Career in Editing With Muhammed Adedeji Akinyemi

Muhammed Adedeji Akinyemi is a journalist, community developer and the Editor of Space in Africa. He is interested in history, economy, liberty, tech, minority rights and governance and he has published several works on these areas, with some translated to French. Some of his works have featured on Contrepoints, France; New Dawn Newspaper, Liberia; Nigerian Tribune; Sahara Reporters, New York; African Liberty, Arlington etc. He has featured on several literary magazines and was the first editor of University of Ilorin’s literary journal; Zango. In this interview with Ololade Faniyi of BookRepublic, he talks about how he started his career in publishing and the challenges so far.

BookRepublic: How did you start your career in publishing?

Muhammed: I think it started around 2016, December, and it was self-publishing. I wrote a series which I sold to subscribers and subsequently published. In 2017, I wrote a compilation of short stories which I then published on Okada Books and Creative Freelance Writers. Those two projects were pivotal to my editing and digital/self-publishing career. But none of these was done in a vacuum. When I was in the University, I was a member of the Union of Campus Journalists, University of Ilorin and subsequently served in the Editorial board. While in the editorial board, I worked with a professional, Mr Chima Osuji, who guided me and gave me insights. It was a great three-year run. One of the notable things we did during that time was to publish a magazine, of which I got credited as an editor. 

BookRepublic: What does your job entail?

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